Diary of an Internet Nobody
Diary of an Internet Nobody

I currently have that feeling a nerdy child gets when they're dumped into the unfamiliar surroundings of a class full of cool kids, the sort of kids you feel you should look up to and befriend, but aren't sure if they are going to tease you for having a dorky haircut and the wrong trainers. However, in this case it isn't necessarily a bad feeling.

At the extremely late stage in the game that was my 45th year, I eventually got round to consummating my relationship with that most demanding of mistresses, the big ol' internet. At the time I only did so to enable me to contact old friends via Facebook, as we had moved 250 miles away from our hometown and a good friend had died, requiring the making of funeral arrangements.


Soon after I discovered the joys of social networking, I found the excellent io9 website, from which I would share articles with my ever-expanding circle of international Facebook friends, and I also took great pleasure in reading the comment threads and discussions, some of which were more entertaining than the articles that spawned them. It always seemed to me that the über-cool, web-savvy commenters who formed these discussions were way too sharp and knowing for little old me to get involved with and I contentedly sat on the sidelines, cheering on the snarkiness and wishing I could be that quick with a nerd-friendly put down.

Fast forward twelve months and my interest in writing things down for my own satisfaction - slightly more cerebral things than status updates designed to annoy pinko-limey-hating, right wing survivalist nutters from backwoods America, bad taste jokes and rants about crap music and idiotic politicians anyway - eventually evolved into me starting a WordPress blog, Diary of an Internet Nobody, which, over the last eighteen months has become unaccountably popular with quite a number of followers.

Having never committed anything more extensive than the odd letter to paper since leaving school many, many years previously, I suddenly found a new passion for the written word, discovering a new way to inflict my (never shy in the first place) spoken rants and opinions on an unsuspecting public and becoming totally hooked on the blogging format.

Which pretty much brings me up to date, metaphorically sitting here in my oversized school blazer and shiny shoes, waiting to see if I'm going to get accepted or beaten up by the cool kids of Kinja.


I have at least managed to leave a couple of comments on io9 articles - something which, I have to admit, gave me an inordinate amount of pleasure in itself - but I'm not even remotely sure how any of this stuff works.

I mean, I sort of get the idea that Kinja is another blogging platform, even I can use Wikipedia to find that out, but being neither an internet or computer expert (I only ever use my smartphone - and now my newly acquired tablet - for all the material that appears on Diary of an Internet Nobody, including all the artwork {some of which, by coincidence, is adapted from pieces that I "borrowed" from an article I first saw on io9} photography, video editing, animation and electronic "music") I don't know any of the finer points of etiquette surrounding this intriguing new community of (I'm assuming) like-minded people. For a start, is there a community?


When I publish this blog post, who sees it and can they comment on it?

Can I communicate directly with other Kinja users, except in open forum?

Will I be able to copy posts from my blog across to this new platform and will anyone read them if I do?


And how the hell do I turn off this bloody italic font?

I guess I'll find out the answers to these and other questions in due course, but in the mean time if anyone can see this and can communicate the fact to me I would be extremely grateful.


Yours itallically,


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